Try this, engrave champagne bottles

Try This: Laser Engrave Champagne Bottles

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Whether you’re ringing in the new year, toasting a new love, or just celebrating life, these customized champagne bottles are perfect for any occasion.

Materials Needed

  • Champagne or wine bottle
  • Rotary attachment
  • Masking tape
  • Dishwashing detergent

Step One: Design

Download a premade template or create your own design. Place a thin layer of masking tape around your desired engraving area to indicate where the design will be engraved (Image 1).

Step Two: Rotary attachment

Insert the rotary attachment into the laser system.

Step Three: Engraving

Once you’re happy with the placement of the design, apply a thin layer of dishwashing detergent to the engraving area. Using a 50-watt laser system, engrave the bottle according to the following laser parameters.

Laser Parameters

Engraving: Speed: 45%; Power: 100%; DPI: 300; Jarvis dithering pattern.

When finished, wipe away the detergent. When the bottle dries, you’ll have a beautiful engraving suitable for any special event.