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Laser engraved and cut wine charms

Try This: Laser Cut and Engrave Wine Charms

Made of either wood (Image 1) or acrylic (Image 2), these little charms are easy to make and are a great way to get the most out of your scrap materials. Laser cut and engrave fun and festive wine charms by following these easy steps.

Materials Needed

  • 1/8” alder
  • 1/8” cast acrylic
  • Wine charm rings

Step One: Design

Download a premade template or create your own design. If you’re using a custom design, create an eyelet for the wine charm ring. Arrange the graphics to the size of your material. (Image 3)

Step Two: Engraving and cutting

Adjust the print settings according to the material you are using. Using a 50-watt laser, engrave and cut the material using the following parameters. (Image 4)

Laser Parameters

Alder engraving: Speed: 55%; Power: 100%; DPI: 600

Alder cutting: Speed: 30%; Power: 100%; Frequency: 5000

Acrylic engraving: Speed: 55%; Power: 100%; DPI: 600

Acrylic cutting: Speed: 7%; Power: 100%; Frequency: 5000

Step Three: Assembly

Insert the ring through the eyelet and place around the wine glass stem. (Image 5)

  • Image 1
  • Image 2
  • Image 3
  • Image 4
  • Image 5`