Laser engrave water bottles

Try This: Customize a Painted Steel Water Bottle with Laser Engraving

Ben Sieber is the senior graphic designer at Epilog Laser.

Laser engraving reusable water bottles is extremely popular as more and more people are doing their part to help the environment.

Engraved with a fun, splashy design, these laser engraved water bottles made from painted steel make a great gift item for customers.

Materials Needed

  • Treated metal water bottle (painted stainless steel, anodized aluminum, etc.).
  • Rotary attachment

Step One: Design

Download a premade template or create your own custom design.

Step Two: Rotary attachment

Remove the engraving table from your system and insert the rotary advice. To do this, lower the table and remove the engraving and/or cutting table. Insert the rotary attachment and plug it into the machine. Turn the machine off and on again to establish the rotary’s position. (Image 1)

Step Three: Engraving

Place the bottle on the rotary device and focus the machine. Run the job with a 50-watt laser using the following engraving parameters.

Laser Parameters

Engraving: Speed: 80%; Power: 70%