Engrave Kindle

Try This: Customize a Kindle with Laser Engraving

Ben Sieber is the senior graphic designer at Epilog Laser.

The number of people purchasing e-readers is increasing every day. Customization of mass-produced items such as Amazon Kindles is in high demand, not only to make the equipment truly unique to the person it belongs to, but also to act as a way to identify the device and potentially deter theft.

Follow these three steps to customize a Kindle device with laser engraving:

Materials Needed

  • Amazon Kindle

Step One: Design

Create your own design or download a premade template. Because Amazon offers these devices in various sizes, make sure the dimensions of your document match the size of the Kindle.

Step Two: Placement

Insert the Kindle into the upper left corner of the engraving system. (Image 1) You may want to do a test run to make sure your engraving is placed correctly. To do this, draw a vector box around the design and send only that job to the laser.

Step Three: Engraving

Once you are satisfied with the placement, remove the vector box and send the job to the laser.

Laser Parameters

Engraving: Speed: 100%; Power: 30%