Transferring an Image to Sandcarve

Michael Sullivan is the marketing manager for IKONICS Corporation. He currently manages the Marketing Department for IKONICS Corporation divisions, including IKONICS Imaging, Chromaline Screen Print Products, IKONICS Advanced Materials Solutions, and IKONICS Industrial Inkjet Solutions.

Align and apply the emulsion or adhesive side of the photoresist to the substrate for the correct position for sandcarving. Most photoresist, including dry-processing photoresist, has a built-in adhesive that easily sticks to glass, crystal, marble, ceramic, acrylic, metal, and numerous other substrates. However, if sandcarving a porous substrate such as stone or some types of wood, apply a thin layer or two of sandcarvable adhesive to the stone prior to applying the photoresist film. Once photoresist is applied, remove the carrier sheet from the photoresist by flicking a corner with your fingernail or attach a small piece of tape to the corner of the photoresist and peel in one quick motion. 

—Michael Sullivan, IKONICS Imaging