Crystal by Design Award

Top-Selling Crystal and Glass Gifts

Jean Chen is a co-owner of the awards and glass vendor, Crystal by Design. She joined the family business in 2005, and helping people recognize and celebrate achievements has been her passion ever since.

There are a lot of functional crystal and glass gifts that are popular among buyers, such as picture frames, drinkware, vases, and desktop office accessories. Functional gifts will always remain popular, as practicality is forever a desirable element in a gift. 

While product selection may change and design preferences may slightly stray from the norm from time to time, history shows that the vast majority of awards and gifts being chosen are timeless in style. Universally crowd-pleasing geometric shapes with beautifully cut facets remain the top sellers, as they are regarded as elegant and sophisticated. These are by far the most sought-after characteristics when choosing glass and crystal products, as it almost guarantees the recipient will love it for years to come. 

—Jean Chen, Crystal by Design