Display personalized gifts

Tips to Display Personalized Gifts

Brenna Walsh is the Communications Specialist at JDS Industries in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She specializes in public relations and has extensive knowledge of products along with substantial background in writing.

Once you have introduced personalized gifts into your existing business, consider these tips for effectively displaying the products:

  1. If possible, set up a display in your front window. Sometimes one single item can catch the eye of a customer that can set off a storm of purchases.
  2. Locate new and interesting merchandise between the front door and the cash register. That way, your customer has to walk by it in order to pay—this will make them hesitate and look a bit more.
  3. Try to make a smooth transition from one type of item to the next. For example, don’t place a medal display next to a plaque display. These two items will rarely cross the same market. However, business card holders are a great item and could easily progress into plaques for corporate giveaways and awards.
  4. Put items right by the cash register or in other high-traffic areas for impulse buys. Have items out that customers can touch, pick up and feel. Some items can never fully be appreciated with just a picture or if they are inside a glass display.
  5. Try to get your message out before the larger retailers. We all know how annoying it can be to see Christmas lights up before Thanksgiving, but you may need to push it even further to educate customers that you have the perfect gift items. Try to do the same with the lesser-publicized holidays like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Remind customers about these events so they don’t have to think about it by setting up displays with items for the special occasion.

—Brenna Walsh, JDS Industries