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Term of the Week: Graphic Design

The Term of the Week is a weekly feature where A&E turns to industry experts to define common tools, processes, language, etc. used in the awards, engraving, and personalization industry, including terminology within the business realm. Contact A&E's digital content editor, Julia Schroeder, if you're interested in contributing and for an opportunity to be featured in our daily eNewsletter. 

Also known as Visual Communication, it is typically two-dimensional and not three-dimensional. It uses type, colors, patterns, graphics, and imagery together to create visual hierarchy and a message to the viewer. Graphic design can range from exterior road signs that give directions for a hurricane flood safety route to a themed design for a new baby gift. Visual communication is one of the basic elements that is in everything throughout your everyday life that you may pay little attention to but because something is designed/communicated well, then you know what is in the frozen dinner you picked up before your friend eats something they are allergic to, entices you to pick up one gift over another or spend just $5 more on an item because “it looks better.” 

Information courtesy Jennifer Foy, Unisub