Sublimating Images on Glass and Crystal

Bridget Dahlgren, marketing manager for Crystal D, understand corporate recognition like the back of her hand. She understands what it takes to create an unforgettable award and how important personalization is to the recipient. Bridget believes in the power of employee recognition to make a lasting impact on any recipient and holds a special affinity toward crystal recognition awards. Visit for more information.

Sublimation is the newest decorating process for glass and crystal. This imprint process creates a high-quality color image for crystal using a special printer. Images can go on the front or back of the crystal. The images can also be translucent, allowing a bit of light to permeate, or opaque. Translucent images are printed directly onto the onto the crystal itself, while opaque images are printed as a decal and applied to the crystal.  

—Bridget Dahlgren, Crystal D