Streamline Production with Sandcarving Film Dispensers

Liz Haas has been a teacher, trainer and show coordinator for Rayzist Photomask for the past 15 years. For the past 10 years, she has actively taught workshops on the photoresist and the sandcarving process.

Large-production sandcarving businesses can benefit from investing in film dispensers paired with cover paper dispensers. The dispensers can streamline preparation by not only helping you stay organized but by getting the photoresist film and finished masks ready for production. 

A film dispenser encloses a roll of photoresist film, so you simply push back the lid and roll out the photoresist film, align your printed artwork, and cut with a trimmer. Placing the dispenser next to a trimmer allows you to quickly cut your photoresist film and prepare for exposing. 

The cover paper dispenser is convenient for covering your finished photomasks for production or storing them for future use. 

—Liz Haas, Rayzist