Sales Team

A Stellar Sales Team Makes a Seller's Market


JP Hunt

J.P. Hunt is one of the founders of InkSoft, a company that offers a comprehensive business suite including an online designer, e-commerce platform and other business tools. He also is the vice president of sales and marketing. Contact Hunt at or visit the InkSoft website at

Building a good sales team can make the difference between your business returns being mediocre or exceptional. Good sales professionals generate revenue and ensure that marketing efforts are converted to sales and profit.

A well-chosen sales team’s focus and dedication is revenue generation. They understand how to convert and maximize your marketing investments, which allows them to develop new customers and markets white maintaining existing relationships. A highly skilled and trained sales team will always ensure active selling rather than passive sales.

Shifting your thinking away from "salespeople are overhead" to "salespeople are keys to my success" will result in a new level of revenue generation.

—JP Hunt, InkSoft