Select the Correct Focus for Your Laser

To create a precise laser engraving, you must use the right lens, appropriate working tables,and a corresponding exhaust system. Last but not least, using the correct focus plays a key role. The correct focus setting, which means the right distance between the laser head and the material to be engraved, is crucial for a perfect application result. 

Depending on your particular laser and its software, there may be various modes or sensors you can utilize to adjust the focus; but generally, all lasers have a focus setting that is a fast and flexible solution to this common problem. The operator simply hangs the focus tool on the laser head and then moves the working table manually until the surface of the workpiece touches the focus tool. Now the right focus point is set. The respective focus tool is preset to the focal length of the lenses und appropriately color-coded. 
This method is especially useful when you work with a lot of different materials, if the material thickness is unknown, or it cannot be measured for cylindrical objects.

For more information on other ways to adjust the focus on your laser, refer to your user’s guide.

—Warren Knipple, Trotec Laser