gravotech rotary engraver robust system engraving

The Right Rotary Engraver for Your Business

Anthony Harris is the Director of Government Sales and Applications at Gravotech. He has over 16 years’ experience consulting with clients and partners in the marking materials, engraving routers, and laser processing industry.

The core tool in your arsenal is the engraver itself — be sure you understand the scope of engraving you will perform. For someone engraving laminated plastic name badges in low quantities, an entry-level engraver may suffice. If you anticipate your rotary engraved offerings to include high volumes, metal engraving, metal cutting, jewelry fabrication, or marking into stainless steel, make sure you purchase a robust system. You will need an engraving system that has cast construction; it will be able to operate faster under load, while absorbing cutter vibration and providing a clean cut. 

The additional investment made for a quality engraver will be returned to you many times over during the 20-plus year life cycle of the machine. The ongoing savings will be compounded because cutters stay sharp longer, and you will be able to engrave faster with high quality, resulting in optimized throughput, reduced labor cost, and less maintenance.  

—Anthony Harris, Gravotech