Recognize Company Milestones

Jen Jezierski is the Marketing Coordinator at Crystal D. She can be reached at 651-925-3425 or by email at

A great way to give back to your employees is by rewarding them for company milestones. We recently worked with a company celebrating its 100th year in business. As the anniversary date approached, the president and CEO began to envision the celebration of the 100-year milestone. He traced the story of the company back to the beginning and found that one thread tied the entire story together: the personal stories of its employees.

To commemorate the anniversary, the company celebrated with a number of small, department-specific celebrations for employees and their specific customers, along with a red-carpet style recognition event for all the employees. Each employee received an etched and color-filled crystal award featuring a three-dimensional replica of the company headquarters. They appreciated the personal recognition and a chance to celebrate such a meaningful milestone with a company that had a long and strong history.

—Jen Jezierski, Crystal D