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Putting a Price on High-End Crystal and Glass Awards

Jen Jezierski is the Marketing Coordinator at Crystal D. She can be reached at 651-925-3425 or by email at

The first thing to remember is crystal and glass has a high-perceived value. They look more expensive than they actually are. Since awards aren’t commodity pieces, they have a different value to recipients. Make sure to build that value into your price.

Work with your suppliers on pricing. Some suppliers share suggested retail prices, so you have a starting point to work from. Also make sure you know your customers. Your supplier might have a suggested retail price that gives a good margin, but you might price out your customers because the price is too high. A higher margin is great in theory, but if you sell nothing, you have no margin.

Make sure you know what imprints are included in the price if you buy imprinted awards from your suppliers. If you buy blanks and imprint yourself, make sure you have any additional charges laid out for your customers. Surprise charges are never fun.

—Jen Jezierski, Crystal D