Preventing Crashes in CorelDraw: Reset to default settings

Roger Wambolt's career is the culmination of over 21 years in graphic design and education. It began in the trenches at Corel, where Wambolt provided user support, training and championed Corel's partner programs. Over the years, he acquired extensive knowledge through his relationships with graphics professionals in many industries, including print, sublimation, screen printing, sign making, engraving, and embroidery. In 2010, he started AdArt Graphics to provide graphic design and training services to a variety of international clients.

A CorelDraw Graphics Suite expert, Wambolt has been a popular presenter at industry trade shows. He has developed and conducted classroom training and online sessions throughout North America and has authored articles for key industry magazines. You can train at home with Wambolt using his book Bring It Home with CorelDraw: A Guide to In-House Graphic Design or by watching his online course CorelDraw X8 Essential Training at, in addition to his numerous tutorials on the Corel Discovery Center.

If the application is not performing as expected, (menus seem to be missing or corrupt) or you try to Trace a bitmap and the Trace window does not appear, you may need to reset the defaults for CorelDraw. This will refresh the default files and it will be like launching a freshly installed application.

With CorelDraw closed, hold down the Windows key (this is the key between the Ctrl and the Alt keys, to the left of the space bar). While holding this down, tap the letter R on the keyboard. This will open the Run command box. Next you will need to type: "%appdata%” and tap the Enter key.

Open the Corel folder and you will see a Corel Graphics Suite XX folder. Right click on this folder and rename it. I usually just add the word "old" in front of it. By renaming rather than deleting, you will not delete any customer fills, line styles, or other items that you may have created.

Close these folders down and launch CorelDraw while holding down the F8 key. A message will appear that reads, "Are you sure that you wish to overwrite the current workspace with the factory defaults?" Answer yes to this. If you have customized your workspace, changed color settings, or other defaults, you may want to export that before resetting the defaults.

—Roger Wambolt, CorelDraw