A Pre-Business Checklist for the New Laser Engraver

Amy Dallman is the marketing communications specialist for Epilog Laser. To request the complete version of Epilog’s Guidebook to Starting a Cutting and Engraving Business, email sales@epiloglaser.com or call toll free 888-437-4564.

While the laser itself is an incredible tool, you can’t simply install it and start a business. As with any new endeavor, you’ll need a plan. This is the final step before creating your business plan. You’ll need to determine the following: 

  • What business am I interested in starting? 
  • What services or products will I sell? 
  • Where will I be located? 
  • What skills and experience do I bring to the business? 
  • What will be my legal structure? 
  • What will I name my business? 
  • What equipment or supplies will I need? 
  • What insurance coverage will be needed? 
  • What financing will I need? 
  • What are my resources? 
  • How will I compensate myself? 

—Amy Dallman, Epilog

Keep reading for more questions to consider when starting a laser engraving business.