Pet market

Potential Customers in the Profitable Pet Market

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There are a few places to find potential clients in this lucrative market.

Look to create keepsakes for pet owners at local animal clubs like an auto enthusiast might do at a local car club.

Some banks give out treats along with some souvenir shops, ice cream parlors, and there are even pet-friendly outdoor malls.

How about the pet-friendly café up the street?

Local animal hospitals, dog kennels, obedience schools, and groomers—these are all great places to reach out to and possibly partner up with on offering your services. Give them a 5 percent finder’s fee for each customer they send your way and provide them with some samples and brochures to display at their business.

Pet boutiques are another great place to reach potential customers. Many of them will already be offering some personalized products, but hopefully you can help enhance their collection.

Another niche you could fill is working with animal rescue groups and other animal-related charitable organizations—groups like the Humane Society, ASPCA and others.

Finally, make sure to search for all of the different animal clubs that you can find. This could include groups like 4H, rodeos, and horse racing tracks.

—Aaron Montgomery, 2 Regular Guys Podcast, MontCo Consulting