Overcome the Challenges of UV Printing

Steve Weist is the CEO at PDS Equipment. Steve started as a service technician installing Heidelberg and Komori offset presses. He has brought that level of precision into the UV inkjet world. Steve now focuses his efforts in the flatbed UV market because he feels it is unlimited and is the future of print and decoration. He can be reached at 615-812-3001 or steve@pdsequipment.com.

Users new to UV printing will experience challenges throughout the learning process, like adhesion, durability, scuff resistance, color matching, ink flexibility, wash ability, and chemical resistance. UV printer manufacturers cannot guarantee you perfect results on all products and materials due to the huge number of variables, so it’s up to you to test or have testing done to ensure you get the right machine with the correct ink set for your needs. 

—Steve Weist, PDS Equipment

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