Offer Custom Light Switch Covers

Bob Hagel and his wife Dana own Eagle’s Mark Awards & Signs, offering a full line of personalized products using laser engraving, sand etching, and full-color UV direct print on products. They have offered awards, recognition, and signage products to organizations for more then a decade in the Southern California wine country.

Custom light switch covers make great gifts for newborns, birthdays, and holidays. They are relatively easy to design and make and, like other custom items, can be priced to make a great profit. They are personal, unique, and fast to produce.

Kids of all ages like them for their bedrooms. Younger kids like fairies, animals, trains, and seasonal themes. Older kids like sports themes, cars, motorcycles, and movies. Even adults like themed light switch covers. Seasonal and holiday décor, sports, cars, hobbies, and motorcycle themes are great for recreation and family rooms; outdoor landscapes, pets, and any other of our favorite things also work. 

The business line is also attractive. Logos, product brands, tag lines, and other meaningful graphics to an organization can be used. When would a company want to use them? Lobbies or waiting rooms, training and conference rooms, hallways and other rooms on tour routes, labs, and other special rooms and offices.

Learn how to make light switch covers in the March 2017 issue.

—Bob Hagel, Eagle’s Mark