Offer Cast Metal in Your Product Offerings

Ken Auty joined FusionCast in 2011. Ken is a leader in marketing and new business development for both national and international markets. With over 25 years experience in product development, marketing, and sales, Ken is applying his strong expertise at FusionCast as they launch their patented Engineered Cast Metal process into North America and beyond.

If your business is working with corporate America, know that awards and recognition programs play an important role in many company strategies. They may recognize key employees or key customers. There may be a long-time service award program or a customer loyalty program. When you are working with corporate America and discussing their awards and recognition programs, cast metal awards should be included in your presentation. 

At every prestigious level of performance, the quality of the award you recommend should increase in value, beauty, and detail. For example, if there is a three-tiered award program, you might offer three different mediums with a custom designed, multi-metal cast plaque for the top tier. 

Offering cast metal bronze, aluminum, and copper awards sets you apart from the status quo and the competition. On top of that, working with custom awards really is an opportunity to allow corporations to express themselves in their awards. 

—Ken Auty, FusionCast