The Odors of Engraving Rubber

Tom Jackson has over 40 years of experience in the rubber stamp/marking device industry. He works as general manager of Jackson Marking Products in Mount Vernon, Illinois.

Because laser engraving is accomplished by burning the item being engraved, the smell of burning rubber can become strong when stamps are being made. Specially formulated rubber or photopolymer compounds are used, and many suppliers claim that their material has a “low odor.” Some may have less odor than others or have a scent component added — but none are odorless. It is helpful to vent the fumes outdoors, although the neighbors may not appreciate it.

Ideally, an industrial filtering system utilizing charcoal and other components should be considered as an addition to the laser engraving system when stamps will be a part of the production.

—Tom Jackson, Jackson Marking Products Co. Inc.