Nozzle Check

Kevin Lumberg is a sublimation specialist, formerly with Johnson Plastics Plus.

Before you start to print transfers on your sublimation printer each day, you should get yourself into the habit of printing a nozzle check. Why should you do this? That is easy. Inkjet printers use anywhere from four to eight ink colors to print all the colors of the rainbow. We all can remember our grade-school days where we learned colors and how to mix them to create the color we wanted. If you wanted to make green, you had to mix yellow and blue. Inkjet printers work the same way. If you want to print a beautiful green lawn in a picture, and your yellow is not printing correctly, you will get a blue lawn every time, and nothing can be as frustrating as printing a stack of transfers and pressing them, only to see that you have wasted ink, paper and blank sublimatable products.

—Kevin Lumberg, Johnson Plastics