New Substrates for Sublimation

Robin Kavanagh serves as the public relations manager for Sawgrass Ink. She has been in the industry for over three years.

Outdoor substrates are the first that come to mind. Color longevity under the stress of UV light has always been a challenge with sublimation. That changed recently with the release of several outdoor products from some of the largest substrate manufacturers in the industry. We have also seen sequined pillows trending the past two years. The popularity of these items is now extending into other products with sequins that flip, though they may not be made for sublimation.

Socks are still trending, even more so with the Vapor and Sublime options that make pressing faster and easier. ColorLyte is running the gamut from curved acrylic photo panels, keychains, and ornaments to beveled photo glass and sublimation film. It’s a pretty exciting time to get into sublimation right now.

—Robin Kavanagh, Sawgrass