metal marking engraving

Making Corrections on Incorrectly Marked Metal

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There are several techniques to fix a metal-marking problem. When your laser is in the home position and your work piece can either be accurately replaced either against the rulers or in a jig, you can recoat the work piece with the marking material, put it back in the same spot and run the job. If you’re not sure that the work piece is correctly placed, you can outline the graphic with vector hairlines and run a slow-speed, no-power job to double check before running the job. Do this before you’ve recoated the work piece, or you may not be able to see the old markings. 

When you need something precise, try this method; it involves applying the marking material only to the part of the graphic that needs to be remarked, so there is no way you can accidently mark the work piece in the wrong spot.

First, cut painters or masking tape with the laser to the shape of the repair and apply it where you’d like the mark to be. Next, apply the marking material; using a small brush will work. After it dries, remove the tape. Line it up with a no-power vector hairline job. Mark a slightly larger area than the shape of the repair. For lettering, I just add a 1-point outline. This will allow for the area of the repair to be slightly off in relation to its original position; however, only that area with the marking material will be marked. Run the job, clean off the residue, and the repair is complete. 

—Jim Puentes, COOLaserCraft