Laser Engraving Hacks: Irregular-Shaped Objects

David Stevens is the Industrial Applications Manager at Trotec Laser. 

There are several hacks for working with irregular-shaped objects including:

  • Lego blocks
  • Clay trays
  • Sand trays

Legos allow you to build a physical structure around the application to minimize movement during processing. This square aspect is great for oddly shaped objects, especially when engraving. Once the structure is properly leveled, you can process multiple runs back-to-back. This method works well for smaller runs. The structure can then be saved and used in the future as needed.

Clay trays are another inexpensive, easy solution for working with irregularly shaped objects. Fill a sandbox with non-dry out clay and place the item flat. The clay forms a mold for the item, and once level, it allows you to run several of the same application all in a row and get the same, repeatable location quickly and easily. If you don’t mind minimal residue, this method works well with round items that are difficult to keep in place.

If you are looking to avoid any residue while processing the item, sand can act as a substitute for clay. The sand works well for larger objects; however, there is no divot left behind for the next piece. The sand also provides a solid grip, holding the item firmly in place.

—David Stevens, Trotec Laser