Industry Insights: What Makes a Leader

Mike Irvine is the Chief Operating Officer of Crystal D. He has been with the company for 20 years, originally working as a printer and moving to the warehouse, followed by a role as Supply Chain Manager and then Vice President of Operations. Currently, he oversees the customer service, production, and art departments, along with the warehouse.

We all have different criteria as to what constitutes a good leader, yet we all agree on the same outcome of a good leader: we follow them. For me, it’s a combination of talent, practice, humility, flexibility, and ownership. When I’m looking to hire a leader for my team, I look most for a passion to lead. Leading is not easy and definitely requires dedication and sacrifice. It’s honestly not a role for everyone, and it’s very time-consuming. But for those who want it – who really, really want it – it’s fulfilling.

—Mike Irvine, Crystal D