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Industry Insights: People Matter

Mike Irvine is the Chief Operating Officer of Crystal D. He has been with the company for 20 years, originally working as a printer and moving to the warehouse, followed by a role as Supply Chain Manager and then Vice President of Operations. Currently, he oversees the customer service, production, and art departments, along with the warehouse.

People need to know that the work they do matters and more importantly, that they themselves matter. We’re not rocket scientists, and we don’t build the technologies of tomorrow, but we’re in an industry that promotes individuals having an impact versus individuals just having a job – no matter what industry they’re in. 

It’s when we know that we matter and are part of something bigger than ourselves that we allow the journey to continue past the basic needs of a consistent paycheck. People matter. If you let them know they matter and let them know how you feel, they’ll make an even bigger impact.

—Mike Irvine, Crystal D