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Hold the Phone: 3 reasons to include a phone number on your company website

Kelly “Rags” Ragland is owner and operator of Rags to Stitches Productions, a holistic advertising-specialty company providing a range of services including web design and development.

It is simple to include your company’s phone number on the information page or add it above the contact form, but keep your phone number static and available on every single page of your website, along with your social media properties

It is also imperative that the number be displayed in text form rather than an image. There are three reasons for this:

  1. When your customers decide to take action, the number should be available for them to take that action without performing another click or searching the site for it.
  2. Search engines cannot see images and translate them into a textual form of data. Having your phone number in text form allows the search engines to harvest it and provide it within their search results when their algorithm applies that feature.
  3. This is the mobile generation, and Google is starting to add clickable phone numbers to their organic search results. Having your phone number in text form—in as many places as possible—will help you get that benefit from this new development.

Although our online presence lends itself to the automation of contact forms, emails and contact through social media, there are still consumers out there that prefer the phone call. And in terms of being discovered online, the online translators such as search engines, browsers and mobile devices need your number as well.

—Kelly “Rags” Ragland, Rags to Stitches Productions