Achieve a High-Quality Image on Metal

Karly Baldi is the international sales and marketing manager for AlumaMark and DuraBlack. Karly has over 10 years of experience marketing AlumaMark and DuraBlack, and is responsible for managing distribution, marketing, and technical support of the two brands.

When you choose an image you’d like to mark on metal, or any substrate, it’s important to start off with a high-quality image (300 DPI or above). If the image is a bitmap, the Mode (in the Image menu on CorelDRAW) needs to be changed to grayscale for most metals. Go to Image >Adjustments>Desaturate to remove the color. Convert the image to an RGB-color profile, if not already. Depending on the contrast of the image, increase the black level and decrease the white for more contrast. 

Note: Images with higher contrast mark better.

—Karly Baldi, Horizons

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