For the Health of Your Sublimation Printer

Sara Nicholson is the communication and digital engagement specialist at Universal Woods. She works with Universal Woods' three brands: ChromaLuxe, Unisub, and ResinDek.

Most printers have an automatic cleaning cycle that will run as long as the printer is turned on or in sleep mode. You can also run manual cleanings; if you’re not using a printer every day, it is highly recommended to do this at least once a week to keep the printer’s ink nozzles from drying out.

For inks, it’s more difficult to keep those in good use during inactivity. Some printers have ink tanks equipped with stirrers, which should be stirred once a week. Otherwise, running a regular cleaning on the printer should help keep the ink circulating and staying fresh. Inks do have an expiration date that should be printed on the package, so take note of that.

—Sara Nicholson, Unisub