Glass and Crystal for Personalized Gift-Giving

Chung-In Park has been in her family crystal business all her life. CIP Creation Corp. has been her life in addition to hobbies like hiking, snowboarding, traveling, and trying good food places. She has a family of four, two being her loving dogs. She went to the University of Richmond and received her Bachelor's degrees in Business Marketing and Fine Art.

Gifts made of glass and crystal are a level up from general gift giving because it encompasses not only the purchasing process but also requires a high level of involvement from the gift-giver (in the case of the awards retailer, your customer). It’s making and commemorating a milestone of what almost everyone considers valuable. 

Your customer is thinking about how the gift receiver will use and remember not only the gift, but the giver — people think about the need and usefulness for the receivers. Offering them functional, useful gifts is great, but for those who want something more memorable, go further — personalized glass and crystal gifts such as paperweights and frames are timeless. When talking about glass and crystal, in most cases, the gift requires personalization, such as a heartfelt message. 

—Chung-In Park, CIP Creation Corp.

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