glass and crystal gift award

Gift-Giving with Glass and Crystal

Chung-In Park has been in her family crystal business all her life. CIP Creation Corp. has been her life in addition to hobbies like hiking, snowboarding, traveling, and trying good food places. She has a family of four, two being her loving dogs. She went to the University of Richmond and received her Bachelor's degrees in Business Marketing and Fine Art.

As far as style, all different shapes and sizes are chosen to serve the purpose. Stocking a selection of glass and crystal gifts ensures that you can meet the needs of any customer and budget.

Because gifts incline toward more sentimental messages, crystal and glass products with larger engraving areas are preferred. If your customer has a particular theme in mind, for example, world traveling, pieces featuring a globe might be a top pick, or maybe he or she opts to add a globe design as part of the personalization. If it’s a gift for a wedding anniversary, usually heart-shaped substrates with wedding theme designs (think bells and flowers) are used. The possibilities are endless. Any versatile pieces can be creatively designed and decorated — glass and crystal fit the ticket. 

—Chung-In Park, CIP Creation Corp.