Finalizing on a Fume Extraction System


Chau Vo

Chau Thien Vo is an inventor, industrial designer, and is the Vice President of Engineering and Product Marketing for PAT Technology Systems. Chau brings 19 years of extensive experience in designing air purification and fume extraction systems, having worked in both North America and Europe. He blends design, engineering, product marketing, and creative thinking strategies in leading PAT’s technical team to consistently output innovations that clean air.

To arrive at your final decision for a fume extraction system, you should map out your business with respect to its culture regarding air pollution, production volume, materials that will be processed, laser size, and whether or not you anticipate growth in terms of future purchases of more laser systems. With a fume extraction manufacturer, you will be able to choose the best fume extraction system for your specific business needs and goals. 

—Chau Vo, PAT Technology

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