Create Wood Holiday Ornaments

Here’s a tip for making wood holiday ornaments. Coloring book black and white art is perfect for tree ornaments. If you are a Corel user, here are instructions to quickly make a template. You can find graphics by searching coloring book images or scan pages in a real book.

Select an image that has black completely around it—most coloring book art works. Trace the graphic: MENU ITEM‒Bitmaps‒Outline Trace‒Line Art, make sure you check the box to remove the background. Now group the vector objects and create a boundary: MENU ITEM‒Arrange‒Shaping‒Boundary. Make sure the boundary outline is complete. Add your text, and they can be engraved and cut out of wood or acrylic. That’s all there is to it!

—Bob Hagel, Owner, Eagle’s Mark