CorelDRAW 2019 Tips: Objects Docker

Bob Hagel and his wife Dana own Eagle’s Mark Awards & Signs, offering a full line of personalized products using laser engraving, sand etching, and full-color UV direct print on products. They have offered awards, recognition, and signage products to organizations for more then a decade in the Southern California wine country.

My favorite part of the new CorelDRAW 2019 is the updated Objects Docker. If you work with vector graphics, it has just become much more useful. If a graphic is grouped, the grouped graphic image will display to the left of the object on the Objects Docker. When that object is ungrouped, each object image will be displayed to make it much easier to select an object and edit it. You can use your Crtl and Shift keys to select more than one object at a time or a number of objects in a row directly from the docker. If you are changing individual objects in a graphic to black and white, you can now quickly see which objects you are selecting so you can select all the objects that you are turning to black and simply click on black to change them all at once.

—Bob Hagel, Eagle’s Mark