Completing Print-and-Cut Applications with Your Laser

Keira Lee GCC America sales marketing

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Print-and-cut applications have become more and more popular in the market. To do the print-and-cut applications, you need a laser with a CCD camera for cutting after printing. If your budget is limited, the use of jigs can be helpful to handle positioning issues. Besides that, choose a proper wattage for the laser according to the material you often use. To cut or engrave thin materials, like sheet paper or thin acrylic, a low wattage 30W or lower is enough; if thick materials like wood are used, a high wattage of 40W or higher will be required. Lastly, the workable area is one thing you need to look over. You may want to match the working area of a printer with that of a laser engraver so that a laser engraver can work on the printed substrate as well as to optimize the utility of the space to accommodate two pieces of equipment.

—Keira Lee, GCC

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