Common Applications for Industrial Laser Engraving

Sam Wainer and Andy Marvin are Product Managers for AlumaMark® and DuraBlack®. With a combined 20 years of business experience, Sam and Andy are responsible for product development, marketing, technical support and manufacturing of AlumaMark and DuraBlack. Sam holds an MBA in marketing from UC Davis and Andy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design from The Ohio State University. For more information about DuraBlack or AlumaMark please email, call 800-482-7758 or visit

If you’re looking to expand your laser engraving operations, consider product or process identification markets. With industrial applications, your customer could be the OEM, a supplier to the OEM, or in some cases the equipment user who simply wants to re-label their own OEM equipment. Here are some common industrial applications:

• Barcode Labels

• Asset/Property Tags

• Equipment Nameplates

• Service Schematics/Operation Instructions

• Exterior Signage

—Sam Wainer and Andy Marvin, AlumaMark and DuraBlack