Chemical Etching 101: Safety

Liam Dullaghan Jr. is Vice President of Sales at Masteretch Services, a UK company that has been manufacturing chemical etching equipment since 1983. Laser2etch, a division of Masteretch, was launched earlier this year in an effort to make chemical etching more accessible to laser engraving and sign companies. Please feel free to contact Liam with any questions at

Commercial spray etching equipment keeps the chemical fully contained within the machine, minimizing the exposure to the user. Ferric Chloride is the safest chemical used in etching —it does not produce dangerous fumes, it’s odorless, and is not absorbed through the skin. It’s always important to wear protective clothing when handling chemicals and follow all local laws and regulations with regards to disposing the chemical. Typically, you can expect to replace the etching bath every 6-12 months depending on the level of use.

—Liam Dullaghan, Laser2Etch