Social media engagement

Catch Up with Your Target Audience

Kelly “Rags” Ragland is owner and operator of Rags to Stitches Productions, a holistic advertising-specialty company providing a range of services including web design and development.

Social media is complex, but necessary. In short, people use it often. To say everyone on earth would be close to the truth! For many, it is used on a daily or even hourly basis. It would be foolish not to dive in with a marketing plan. It is free to use, and you have a great opportunity to reach your target audience. The devil is in the details.

It is a social entity, so you need to be social. Engagement drives success, just like having a conversation with people face to face. Your target market defines the best platform to focus on, and your time and effort to address each platform determines your success. Twitter users differ from Facebook users; Instagram and Pinterest users are image-driven. There is a bit of strategy — finding the place you fall in best is the challenge.

—Kelly “Rags” Ragland, Rags to Stiches Productions