UV-LED print glass PDS equipment Steve Weist

The Allure of UV-LED Printing on Glass

Steve Weist is the CEO at PDS Equipment. Steve started as a service technician installing Heidelberg and Komori offset presses. He has brought that level of precision into the UV inkjet world. Steve now focuses his efforts in the flatbed UV market because he feels it is unlimited and is the future of print and decoration. He can be reached at 615-812-3001 or steve@pdsequipment.com.

If you are not currently UV printing on glass, I recommend doing a few test products to see how your customer base responds. UV-printed glass products have a higher quality feel that is hard to achieve with acrylic or cut vinyl applied to glass substrates. If you take the time to learn about UV printing on glass, you might end up needing another UV printer to handle all of the opportunities. 

Why should you UV print glass? Because a majority of your competitors don’t do it. With UV print, it’s easy to do if you get the proper equipment that is set up and dialed in for glass. 

—Steve Weist, PDS Equipment 

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