Sublimation jigs

All About Sublimation Jigs

Peggy Waters is the Brand Manager for Unisub sublimatable products at Universal Woods, parent company of Unisub and ChromaLuxe. With over 19 years of marketing and advertising experience, Peggy began her career as an instructor for a national software training company, later moving into marketing and advertising for small to mid-size businesses. Her experience includes graphic design, brand management, strategic budgeting, web design, new product development, and market research. Peggy can be reached at (502) 855-3235 or via email,  

What is a jig? A jig is a type of custom-made tool used to control the location and/or guide the motion of parts. In other words, a jig holds the work in place. 

For those sublimating small products or many of the same products, jigs can be helpful tools to increase production efficiency. 

Jigs are important because they reduce production cost, accelerate product delivery, and increase quality. With this tool, you can quickly sublimate a number of small parts at the same time, instead of individually attaching each transfer and pressing each piece. Jigs can be time-savers and help you quickly produce small products at a higher quantity to sell to your customers. For example, using a jig for dog tags, jewelry pieces, and cuff bracelets accelerates the sublimation process.

Pre-made and custom jigs are available for an array of sublimation products such as dog tags, ornaments, photo panels, coasters, keychains, and more.

To use a jig (Image 1), simply assemble it by placing the black side of the mat on the wood panel. After taping the aluminum jig to the wood panel to hold it in place, clean the product and place each product in the cutout shapes on the jig. Add a template with your design to the top of the jig and press at 400 F for 1:05. 

—Peggy Waters, Unisub