Advice for First-Time Multi-Stage Sandcarvers

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Patience and practice are key when attempting a multi-stage sandcarving project for the first time. You’re not going to get it the first time around.

The second thing to keep in mind is shaping your images. You’re not going to do a typical blast; you’re going to have to look at the image and see how you can use your nozzle to angle the sand and shape the details within the image so that it looks more realistic to your design. 

—Liz Haas, Rayzist

Start with a simple design. Find something that has just two stages. It may not have the multi-dimensional look that you normally see with more complex stage-carvings, but you can get a feel for the different contrast levels and you can use this base knowledge to build off of, and next time, you can try three or four levels of depth.

—Darin Jones, IKONICS Imaging