Advice for the Beginner Sandcarver

Darin Jones is a Technical Training Sales Specialist with IKONICS Imaging.

The learning curve for sandcarving is like anything else. Practice makes perfect! Remember when you learned how to ride a bicycle for the first time? You did your research, found a great teacher, and maybe took a road safety class. Your first ride was at a slower pace and on roads that were easier/flat. After a bit, you were flying down the road and taking on new challenges. The same goes for sandcarving — you do some research, find a sandcarving instructor/teacher to assist, and take a networking/hands-on seminar. Your first blasts are at a slower pace (lower air pressure) and with items that are easier to blast (like flat glass). Once you are comfortable, you take it up a level, and find niches that will help your company grow.

—Darin Jones, IKONICS Imaging