Adding Stamps to the Mix

Martin Clemente is the National Sales Manager for Shachihata Inc. (Xstamper). With 20 years of experience in the marking device industry and IMIA, he is a past IMIA board member. You can reach him at or 310-721-4526.

If you are not currently selling stamps, how can you increase your sales by adding stamps to your offering? You may ask, can I make money? Yes, stamps are a highly customized product that can still be sold at list price. Custom stamps are not an impulse buy. Consumers buy them only when they need them. 

The fastest and most cost-effective way to get into the stamp business is to partner with a local or national stamp wholesaler. Most of them offer free marketing materials and quick turn-around, and can even blind drop ship orders directly to your customers. Also, when partnering with a manufacturer, there is no need to purchase costly equipment or carry inventory. Once you build your business and determine the needs of your customers, then you can always become a manufacturer.

No matter if you are in the stamp industry or looking to add it to your product mix, you can increase your revenue by offering a diversified mix of products. Use your creativity and you may find a new niche market or use for stamps. 

 —Martin Clemente, Xstamper/Shachihata