glass plaque award

Add Glass to Your Plaque Presentation

Jean Chen is a co-owner of the awards and glass vendor, Crystal by Design. She joined the family business in 2005, and helping people recognize and celebrate achievements has been her passion ever since.

Plaques have always been a popular choice and for good reason. They are cost effective and easy to display prominently on the wall without taking up any additional space in the home or office. Traditionally, plaques used to be predominantly made of wood, but more recently we have seen more modern materials used for their creation, such as glass.

For those that love the look of wood but would like a little more updated presentation, a piece of glass sitting over the wood using standoffs showcases a more contemporary style and allows more decorating options. Eliminating wood altogether and using just glass is perfect for those looking for a strictly modern look who also enjoy the classic functionality of a plaque. 

—Jean Chen, Crystal by Design