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Add Chemical Etching to Your Awards Shop

Liam Dullaghan Jr. is Vice President of Sales at Masteretch Services, a UK company that has been manufacturing chemical etching equipment since 1983. Laser2etch, a division of Masteretch, was launched earlier this year in an effort to make chemical etching more accessible to laser engraving and sign companies. Please feel free to contact Liam with any questions at

Chemical etching is a great way to produce a wide range of unique, high-value products. Etched metal is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The quality and permanency of the mark make it an ideal solution for memorial products and plaques. Etching can be combined with other elements such as laser cutting and UV printing to produce stunning awards. More industrial applications such as labels, nameplates, and valve tags can provide a steady and reliable income stream.

—Liam Dullaghan, Laser2Etch