Back to school

6 Back-to-School Marketing Tips

As the sun sets on summer vacations, it’s time for students to go back to school. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re well poised for tapping into this profitable personalization market:

  1. While most back-to-school shopping is done in-store, parents tend to browse online first, so make sure you update your website.
  2. Parents aren’t your only audience—48 percent of parents say that children make or influence their purchases.
  3. Instead of just listing great prices, include product images from things kids enjoy in your marketing.
  4. Offer big discounts weeks before school starts to reach the percentage of parents who shop online.
  5. Promote a family day with free school supplies giveaways. Get imaginative with your incentives.
  6. Don’t forget teachers! Almost all teachers end up paying out of pocket for classroom supplies.

—Alesha Yaney, Unisub