Rekindle passion for business

4 Ways to Rekindle the Relationship with Your Business

Eric Priceman is President of Victory. In his almost three decades in the awards and engraving industry, he has traveled extensively, both domestically and internationally, visiting customers and suppliers. He is happy to share his unique perspectives of the industry, both past and present. Please feel free to contact Eric by email at or by phone at 773-637-7777 ext. 228.

An important step in rekindling the relationship with your business is to follow your passion. This sounds great, but do you actually know what that is? Passion for work evolves over time, sometimes slowly and other times more quickly. It creates drive, desire and helps to form work discipline.

A lack of passion means that your business is not rewarding you to the extent that it needs to so that you are fully engaged. Sometimes taking a few small measures will rekindle the passion necessary to both help your business and reward you at the same time.

There are multiple ways to accomplish this:

  1. Step away from your business for a while to reassess its needs and to find your role within the context of those needs. No matter how important you think it is to be at work “all the time,” it may actually be hurting you to do so. If you take time to recharge, reassess and review, you create a better environment for you and those around you.
  2. Learn how to delegate some of the tasks that you do to others. Could it be that you are holding on to too much? It is good to have a fundamental understanding of everything in your business, but it is not good to have your hands in everything. If you are doing too much, it’s possible that you could be having trouble both organizing your time as well as completing tasks efficiently. Relying on others around you allows you to focus on the important things and helps your employees thrive. This ultimately leads to a more productive and rewarding work environment for you and those around you.
  3. Focus more on those around you for emotional support and energy. There is a good chance that your workers, partners, and others that you come in contact with have valuable advice to share. Pulling away from personal relationships is an easy thing to do, but it is also one of the worst things to do. Relationships help you become energized and inspired, both of which are important for your business. Interpersonal relationships can bring back a sense of purpose and lend perspective that may be missing. Rather than abandoning relationships in tough times, it is best to seek them out.
  4. Look for an unfamiliar activity outside of your comfort zone to participate in on a consistent basis. Schedule this regularly and stick to the schedule. This is time to get some outside perspective and do something new. Make the time. It’s funny how you will see that the time really does exist to do this. This is another way to recharge and reinvigorate for the business challenges that lie ahead.

—Eric Priceman, Victory