high volume

4 Considerations for High-Volume Orders

  1. Price — while it may be tempting to give significant discounts, do not go so low on price that the high-volume order ends up being a loss.
  2. Time Management/Cost — Taking on a high-volume order may take up more time than expected. With a high-volume order, your sell price most likely came down. Ask yourself how you would price and order 100 shirts for five different accounts versus 500 shirts for a single account. Perhaps taking the five smaller orders is a better deal.
  3. Equipment — Do you have the right equipment to do the high-volume job? Do you have enough consumables? Do you have the personnel that are trained and can complete the orders without many mistakes?
  4. Outsourcing — Sometimes it’s best to say yes to the order – and then outsource the job.

—Darci Jeffrey-Anderson and Rich Foltz, Coastal Business Supplies